Dragon Guy Tattoo

Our mission at Dragon Guy Tattoo is to
furnish our clients with quality work at a
reasonable price.
The price I give you for work is determined
by the size and detail of the tattoo you

I will not charge you bargain basement
prices just to give you a bargain basement
tattoo, your tattoo reflects on my reputation.
I will also not charge you outrageous prices
for my work, as I do feel that people should
also be able to eat.

If you think that the price is too high, let me
know and we will adjust the size or detail of
the piece.

In short: I am not out to rip you off or try to
get you out the door. I will do my very best
work on every piece of art I do.

if I was into this great art for the money,
you would see me working in California right now.

Just remember: A cheap tattoo is not good,
and a good tattoo doesn’t come cheap.

And don't forget: ignorance is more
expensive than education.