The Dragon Guy.

Guy Terrell has been collecting tattoos since 1987, and has been heavily exposed to the art since 1995. started tattooing in 1999 and opened Dragon Guy Tattoo in 2001 and has been going
strong ever since. His specialties are detail and gray shade work. Not to mention his brilliant repair work.
The Dragon Guy is known for doing the best work in the surrounding
area, blowing away the competition.

The professional and relaxed atmosphere Guy creates will make almost
any tattooing experience enjoyable.

The Dragon Guy was trained by Bill & Liz Cornelius, and has learned a great deal about the business
and history by Bowery Stan Moskowitz.

The deviants who trained Guy.
Liz has 12 years in the biz, and is one of the fastest tattoo artists I have ever seen.
Bill is a 3rd generation tattoo artist with over 30 years under his belt along with being a professional piercing artist since 1979, and is still kickin ‘em out.
Bowery Stan is 2nd generation artist and has been doing this since he was just a kid.

Bowrey Stan, The Dragon Guy, Chris Dingwell and Wild Bill. Crazy Eddie & Liz (The Dragon Queen)

Dragon Guy Tattoo Mission Statement.

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